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Not at all. This is a test if our models are correct. If they find a dipole moment, it has to be explained by new theories. If they don't, then they can rule out proposed extensions of our current models that would imply a non-zero dipole moment. There's no comparable model that predicts the n-th digit of pi to be a 7 and if it's a 6 we need a new model.


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>In history it was an animal virus infecting a human with similar virus and something called antigenic shift occurred in which the virus particles intermingled and formed a novel virus never before seen.

That is not true at all. Birds and humans can get bird flu for example.


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>being told by scientists

which ones?

But thanks for sharing that article. It does mention the 2022 event I meant quite a lot, but I want aware of such a big recovery. Seems to be a very dynamic system.


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I wonder if those are real people with nothing better to do, or computer programs polling certain buzzwords to them post a generic reply. Take this "the climate has changed in the past" argument. It has nothing to do with the article, yet it could be posted under any article on global warming.

Edit: after looking at their other activity I conclude that either someone programmed a horny algorithm, or it's just a pubescent boy.


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>this year when measured the reef is the biggest it's been since they started measuring.

Wasn't there a mass bleaching event just this year? You make it sound like the bleaching suddenly stopped.