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Simply put, yes. This obsession with not being perceived as gay is incredibly historically recent. You can find old black and white photos of male friends embracing and letters between men that’d come off as love letters to most men today. And that’s just in western culture. The samurai, arguably one of if not the greatest warriors in history, were not just warriors, but avid poets, artists, practitioners of ikebana (flower arrangement) and had surprisingly intimate relationships with other men.


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I mean, its possible to be against abortion for moral reasons, but morality, unlike ethics, is inextricably entangled in religion. So if they're against abortion for moral reasons, they are by definition opposed to abortion for religious reasons. Of course most Americans in my experience (and I am one) don't seem to know the definition of most words related to morality, ethics, religion, and politics, so its not that surprising. Half the country can't tell the difference between Social Democracy and Fascism, two diametrically opposed political philosophies.


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Fundamentalists don’t actually care what their holy book says. They’re mainly interested in controlling people. Look at Christian evangelicals and fundamentalists: they’re vehemently pro-life, even though the book they claim to believe was written by God says in no uncertain terms that life doesn’t begin until the baby is born.


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What is even the point of a sentence that long? It’s not like he’s going to serve most of it. Regardless, glad he got out. We should really only put violent offenders in prison. A prison sentence being the default for everything is goofy, and the only thing goofier is a for profit prison system.


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Yeah, these sorts of stories always confuse and depress me. Why is this held up as good news when its caused by a shortcoming of the government? Every other developed country has implemented a social safety net including socialized medicine, but because Americans still can't distinquish between socialism and fascism, we end up with messed up "good news" stories like this!