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This is the answer for the most part. They check to see if there is large bulk pickup on recycling days and will then, allegedly, pick it up by the weekend for free. When I moved out of my last apartment I just threw a ginormous pile of acceptable trash in my alley (where the cans are) and it was gone eventually.

I have an obnoxious amount yardwork that I need to be picked up, it's just chilling in my backyard until next Wednesday. You can also call and have it picked up whenever you want for a $100 or so fee.


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It's from an article that came out in Newsweek, December, 2022

Carrie Bell, general manager at The Mill on MacArthur, told Newsweek: "Around a year ago the cost for tater tots per case inflated from around $25 a case to almost $75 a case. Our printed menu then had them listed for $4.50 for 2 dozen tots plus 4oz. dipping sauce. Unfortunately, this price increase was untenable for us as well as our customers, and we were forced to stop carrying them.

When reprinting our menus this October we debated leaving the tots or removing them, due to product cost volatility. As a joke to ourselves we decided to leave them, but at market price. It has sparked a lot of good conversations between guests and staff, a small teaching moment about food costs and the continued struggles in the supply chain."

While the ongoing joke on the price of tater tots remains a point of interest for visitors and staff, Bell confirmed that tater tots currently cost $4.50."

Edit: the interview is from Newsweek, the image is from Reddit


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KKC fried chicken livers are my favorite.

Edit: the Krispy Krunchy Chicken style of gas station food is something that takes me back to early childhood. That used to be the only type of gas station food around in Virginia and it's always been absolutely fire. I base my entire ranking system of potato wedges on this style of gas station food.