DeviantAnthro t1_iudchkc wrote

Yesterday I woke up, entered Bold Rick into my GPS and ended up stumbling upon a harvest fest at Carter Mountain. Fiance and i bought an pickin back, threw on some Animal Crossing music and got some fresh fuji apples straight from the tree.

Today I play in a concert for the first time in years and get to see my mom.


DeviantAnthro t1_iu9jdv8 wrote

Cities are cyclical. We're on an upward trajectory right now, so the opposite of the white flight is happening. The city is repopulating with wealth and the lower income populace is fleeing to more affordable options.

Soon all this new construction will age and begin to crumble, crime will begin to rise, property value will lower, wealth will leave and the city will be born again as a crust punk haven.