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What they're claiming is that your data gets encrypted on your phone and doesn't get decrypted until the intended recipient gets it. Encrypted data can't be read without decrypting it first, so in principle end-to-end encryption ought to keep the app developer from sitting in the middle of your conversation reading your messages.

In reality, though, it's important to remember that anyone can claim their app uses end-to-end encryption, whether or not it actually does. So you shouldn't rely on an app to do the right thing.


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People accused of crimes have a right to have their fate decided by a team of normal people. And normal people have better things to do than decide the fate of someone accused of a crime, so we wouldn't be able to fulfill that right if we didn't make it hard to get out of.


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I don't think there's a significant effect. Just because there's fermentation happening doesn't mean a lot of alcohol is being produced. It's probably similar bacteria to the first population active in sauerkraut, which produce a lot of bubbling and a negligible amount of alcohol.

Also there isn't very much lactose in milk. Even if you ferment it with a yeast that turns it into alcohol fairly efficiently, milk won't pass 2.5% ABV, which is half the strength of beer.


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Lots of common bacteria can make lactase. If you don't break up and absorb the lactose before it reaches the bacteria in your large intestine, they'll consume it for energy and produce carbon dioxide gas in the process. Fermenting a little lactose makes a big volume of carbon dioxide, which pushes on your guts in painful and inconvenient ways.


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When you're a small child in the process of growing up, one of the things you do is integrate together all your emotional states and brain functions into a single cohesive identity for yourself. If something very bad happens to you at that age, sometimes the process of integration doesn't happen properly, and you end up with two or more emotional states that don't feel like being the same person, with different sets of memories and different sets of cognitive abilities accessible in each. That's DID. There's a few related dissociative disorders (such as OSDD-1B) which are fairly similar, but differ in what's shared and what's separate between the different emotional states.

Also, some people seem to end up in a state similar to DID from prolonged overuse of certain drugs (e.g., ketamine) or by having a childhood that wasn't quite bad enough to develop DID followed by something very bad happening to them in adulthood.


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Suggestion: there is no king, and hasn't been in decades. The "king" everyone sees is just whatever shapeshifter most recently got caught pretending to be the king and got roped into running the kingdom for a while.


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If you think a nicotine addiction is pushing you to make unwise relationship decisions, get some nicotine gum or lozenges at a store or online. Then you can have enough nicotine to answer your cravings without doing something unwise in your relationships.


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A few percent of people are asymptomatic carriers of MRSA in their skin microbiome. MRSA can kill if a few things go wrong at once. It usually sits there being dormant or causing transient infections like pimples, because Staphylococcus aureus gonna S. aureus, but it can sometimes get into your soft tissue and lungs and blood and then kill you if not adequately treated (and adequate treatment is hard because MRSA is immune to a lot of our favorite antibiotics).


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Most websites these days are like a menu at a restaurant. They're decorated objects that sit in front of you to help you make sensible requests. Then the requests you made are passed along to the kitchen (the backend web server) which does what you asked for and sends you back the result.

Stealing the source code for the website and hoping to duplicate the web service is like making a copy of a restaurant's menu and hoping to duplicate the restaurant. You won't know anything about how their kitchen runs. You might find it useful to have a list of what requests the web service needs to answer, but most of the hard work hasn't been done for you.


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In all three of these types of jet engines, air from the front enters, is compressed, and is mixed with fuel. Then the fuel is burned and the resulting hot gas leaves out the back of the engine. Because the fuel heats up the air, it's hotter when it leaves than when it enters, so you get more energy from letting it expand than you spent on compressing it.

In a turbojet, a fan at the front pulls in and compresses the air, and an inverted fan called a turbine captures some energy from the departing air to keep the fan spinning. In a ramjet or scramjet, the engine draws in air by flying forward into it ("ramming" into the air), and compresses the air by having internal geometry that air has to increase in pressure to pass by.

The difference between a ramjet and a scramjet is that in a ramjet, the compressing geometry slows the compressed air to below the speed of sound before the added fuel starts burning, whereas in a scramjet the combustion happens in air that's moving faster than sound. "Scramjet" is short for "supersonic combustion ramjet."


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Using lite-salt (1:1 mixture of sodium chloride and potassium chloride) to season your food isn't particularly difficult, and will bring your intake closer to balanced. I don't see why it isn't recommended more. Pure potassium chloride tastes bad, but mixed with sodium chloride it's just salty.


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Reply to comment by ThatDaveyGuy in Milkdromeda. by Acuate187

We don't know how likely or unlikely the first abiogenesis event was. It could've been a once-in-a-galactic-supercluster coincidence. And then lots of the evolutionary steps since then were nowhere close to guaranteed.