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This is a very weird viewpoint. With acid you have no idea how much is on a tab. We are talking about micrograms, it’s impossible to tell how much is on one tab or where it is on that tab.

Not to mention that any chemical could be on there if you don’t test it. 2 tabs of nbome and you can OD. That takes it from a fun psychedelic experience to all the sudden we need to test these drugs so we don’t die.


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The same that probably most local government does. You don’t go to school specifically to become a mayor. I’m not really sure it even pays much. It’s almost like a volunteer position.

If you ever look at local ballots, it’s just random ass names and descriptions like “mother and real estate agent”. Oh yea that sounds like a well qualified vote!


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All this missing gravity, and gravity is the problem? The audacity of people xD.

I mean, yea it’s either there is extra mass or there is extra “gravity”. There’s been searches for both for decades, and while progress has been made, neither model has had much evidence…


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That’s over a year of pay for some people. In one lump that could immediately stop people living pay check to pay check, maybe replace their car that keeps breaking down but they can’t afford a new payment, buy healthy foods at the grocery store instead of rice and ramen every day, pay for their kid’s college tuition….

Not to be pedantic but that’s not a small amount by any means.


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Fusion is already being done. The only issue is nobody has figured out how to make it produce energy.

The plasma is insanely hot, so it has to be trapped magnetically in order to not melt everything. However, magnets do not just hold the charged particles in place, it causes them to move. They use a combination of magnets and injecting neutrons and other techniques to try and hold the plasma for as long as possible. In addition, the entire apparatus takes a beating and I believe needs to be repaired every time they run it.

ETA is still unknown.