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Yeah, it wasn’t a “shuttle”. It was a legit line. But yes Penn Station has a light rail stop. You have to catch it between Camden yards and Mt Royal, so you coming from the North would mean you’d have to catch the the Penn Station train at Mt. Royal to transfer which is dumb because at that point you could just walk.

The only reason the lightrail stop there is closed is due to the station redevelopment upgrades to the track and platform.


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Either it is here and they just decided not to purchase the electric locomotives and opted for the cheaper diesel engines, or its they didn’t electrify the track at all then and are doing it now. If I remember correctly it’s the former and as I recall the state wasted millions by doing so as they just bought a brand new fleet of diesel engined locomotives several years ago as an “upgrade”.

Someone with more knowledge than me on this matter feel free to jump in…

I know they’re electrifying now as they’re planning to connect MARC commuter rail to SEPTA from the Perryville station.

Additionally, MARC will run into Northern VA to meet VRE to the south past Union station at L’Enfant Plaza. Regionally lots of big rail things are coming and I’m excited for the future of commuter rail/ train service. High time we got some connectivity round here.


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It’s Acela. Which we’ve already had, just getting upgraded fleet and It just will now reach full speeds with the completion/expansion of the tunnel. Acela will have its own track now and the bottlenecks will be removed from here and NJ which has been the cause of the service chokepoints historically. They’re also electrifying the tracks and moving away from diesel engines


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That garage and surface lot is owned by the owner of Lost City Diner, The Depot, Club Charles, and Club 1722 I believe as I know for a fact she owns that entire block. I hope she sells to the highest biding developer so we can get some new mixed-use buildings in Station/Charles North. It’s crazy to me how there’s all those big mostly unused surfaces parking lots between Charles/Lanvale up to Charles/23rd that would be perfect for redevelopment into a mix of housing/retail/entertainment. It would really had a HUGE impact on changing area for the better.


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Theres an underground parking garage at the station + a surface lot + parking garage located a half a block away on Charles at the 1700 block in Station North between Metro Gallery and Club 1722.

Theres ample parking, more than there needs to be at a centrally located transit hub such as Penn Station. Can’t wait for the infill development that should happen around Mount Vernon and station north once this is finished to convert all the surface lots near by into something productive and adds to the tax base.

I’m very excited for this project. it’s going to be a game changer for central Baltimore and mount Vernon/station north


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I mean any fool can read a map and tell you where’s what and words do mean things: https://data.baltimorecity.gov/datasets/9c96ae20e6cc41258015c2fd288716c4

I post a map of the city the other day and as I recall you were one of the very people butthurt about grouping smaller neighborhoods with the larger ones using the CSA map. So keep that sane energy now.


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Yup cause that’s what that button is for. And fir clarity as you MF seen to think about me so often.

Even so fleet isn’t harbor east. It’s it’s little at best Jonestown or little Italy, which is NOT harbor east. It’s before the former Della Notte site which is currently where that apartment building sits with the AT&T store. Harbor east begins where that Starbucks is.