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I worked at a place that had a taco pizza and they would put fresh cut lettuce on top after it was cooked. I was skeptical until I tried it but it worked surprisingly well. It tasted like a crunch wrap supreme


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I started foraging (in Louisiana where I live) for Cubensis and cyanescens and it was a lot of fun but if you’re gonna get caught with mushrooms it’s gonna be while you’re foraging most likely. Ask the person who’s land it is, I went under the guise of a mycology student looking for non active species and never had a problem


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Grow them. It’s easier than you think and you’ll have more mushrooms than you’ll know what to do with. I started growing my own to treat my depression and it’s helped tremendously, it’s also a fun hobby. Plus i sell to some friends or people I know so that’s extra money. I think everything to start up was around $300. You can make agar so you don’t have to keep buying spores and take prints to clone the pretty ones, it becomes almost self sustaining