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Check realtor.com. Look under rentals in the towns that interest you and look for one off condos or multi-family homes, rather than large corporate owned apartments.

Having steady employment, good credit, and no eviction history will make you a desirable candidate.


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Kind of amazed that people walk head down, headphones on, and don’t look before crossing. Especially in shopping plaza parking lots.

I just don’t trust anyone driving by with my life and my ability to continue walking around. People can be distracted, on their phone, or simply be terrible drivers.


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I always give pedestrians the right of way, there’s no issue and the law in NJ is clear.

But…at night time pedestrians crossing can be dangerous. Some areas are not well lit and people wearing dark clothing can be hard to see, especially in inclement weather.

I will add don’t just start walking. Make sure cars can see you and there is enough distance for vehicles to stop safely.

If I’m crossing the street I am not just walking into the street without looking.


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In Bergen it’s Carl Ehmer Meats in Hillsdale on Broadway, or their satellite shop inside of Depiero’s Farm Market in Montvale.

Prime steaks, great cold cuts, and the best hot dogs ever. They have them uncooked in their case and grilled on a bun at their hot dog wagon by the entrance at Hillsdale.


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Most dealers want to finance the vehicle they sell you, as they make a nice commission from the bank.

Never tell the dealer upfront, that you will be financing it elsewhere, or that you are paying in cash, as they will charge you a higher price to compensate.

About the "no prepayment penalty" that’s following the law. But, car loans like mortgages are so heavily weighted towards paying off mostly interest in the beginning, before significantly paying down the principal.

If you take the dealership’s financing, and refinance it a month later, you will be paying dearly….which is why they told you to do it.

As others here have said, find another dealer!


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The Hole conditions vary as to location, security level of institution; minimum, medium, or maximum security, Federal versus State prisons.

In some places, it’s simply an isolation cell. Typically no phone, no commissary, no extra food/drinks, no mail or visitors during an inmate’s stay in solitary. Infrequent showers, rare opportunities for recreation.

In some prisons, the inmate is only allowed to wear boxers and a tee shirt, or a suicide prevention apron.

In the worst cases the cell could be dark and is often filthy.

Most prisons are smoke free, so definitely no smoking in the hole.

Customarily, the mattress is confiscated during the daytime, so there’s no place to lie down or sit.

On prison documentaries, I have watched many, they call it "the jail within a jail".

As an investigator, I’ve been inside numerous jails and prisons and believe me, everyone is miserable. Understandably.


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I recommend searching the rates from multiple choices of insurance companies if your rates increase or just periodically, to make sure you are getting a good deal.

For years I had a policy with one company that was very low. Had no claims tickets or accidents. They raised the rates suddenly. Checking competitive rates I found the same coverage for much less from Progressive, and I switched saving myself about $500 a year.

Also if you specify your health insurance as the primary payer before car insurance kicks in, there is a substantial savings.


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Arzu on Main Street in Freehold has an amazing buffet with a huge variety and excellent quality.

Check to make sure it is being offered obviously.

Also next to Edison the entirety of Oak Tree Rd in Iselin has nothing but Indian food of every kind including lunch and dinner buffets, bakery sweets, and specific regional grocery stores.


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As NJ has become over populated and the general culture of society has changed, MVC has gotten worse.

Years ago you could go to a state or federal office like MVC social security or unemployment and although not a great experience it was better than it is today.

Higher population and increased demand push an already poorly run system beyond anything reasonable.

Years ago there were no police officers or armed security guards at these locations. Today every state and federal office resembles a prison instead of a business office with armed security, police or sheriffs deputies.

Dirty places with worn old furniture and strict control over people just trying to conduct their government business. No cell phones, stay in your seat, locked restrooms, etc.

Over the past summer I needed to go to a NJ state office that was as most are now, by appointment only. I was locked out of my online account. No one answers the phone, no response to my online requests for help, and when I showed up in person I was met by two armed guards who handed me paperwork with the same phone number on it that went unanswered no matter when I called.

By some miracle I was able to get an appointment online. It was scheduled for another month away and I had already been trying to speak to anyone with no luck for months prior.

I showed up at the appointed time and the office was virtually EMPTY with one employee and two armed security guards at the locked door but ZERO customers mid-day.

I was surprised when I was directed to a phone bank and dialing #1 got me a direct call to the main office in Trenton. The person on the phone reset my online account. This took three months to arrange a 5 minute phone call.

Meanwhile the armed guards stood inside the locked vestibule turning away every customer without a written and confirmed appointment as well as photo ID.

Welcome to NJ!


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This is what scammy influencers say when trying to sell you their overpriced motivational talks that contain no substantive real information.