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A 16 year old paying rent and maybe supporting others? No not on a delivery person job only. It's not grinch, it's reality. Some jobs are spending money and not careers. Downvotes are just bleeding hearts who don't know any better or have no interest in uplifting people to their potential.


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LOL why so many negative comments? It's literally basic economics. Skyrocketing inflation, lockdowns stopping Airbnb hosts revenue. Remember most of them are independent owners, not hotel chains who have the scale to manage that downturn. So Airbnb hosts have to recoup by charging crazy rates or they're going to get foreclosed. I suspect many comments here are economic illiterates or deniers. We know the type.


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That's not it at all. Competition e.g. hotels and taxis have not disappeared at all. For Airbnb its ludicrously expensive now because property owners need more money post pandemic after shutdowns crushed their income.

For Uber it's simply convenience in metro areas that don't have great public options.


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Def not a dead city in terms of nightlife and tourism, but for office workers it surely is, and that changes things a lot.

Instead of going out in with my coworkers or friends who work in Manhattan, I'm meeting up with people in the outer boroughs where we live and maybe once in a while go into the city.

Manhattan is now fully a tourist spot only. Not counting people who live in Manhattan as the majority of them aren't native New Yorkers so it's a different vibe.


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This is because the migrants are now blended into society. They got what they wanted - free passage into the country and now are bidding for labor work.

They are not true asylum seekers like the Afghans... fleeing political or religious persecution, and looking for food and shelter. They came for work and it puts our lowest income citizens (people of color) out of work and relying in public assistance.

I'm Latino saying this. My Dad told me the one guy by our old house (Brooklyn) makes sandwiches for $3/hr at the deli. They don't come to live in tent cities. They are stacked into apartments and claim public assistance too. I've seen them. One of the neighbors got an EBT card from the pandemic stimulus of $1,600 and she never even applied... and she's here illegally from eastern Europe. I know another woman from Ecuador who got some top but she did not tell me how much. She's here for a long time waiting for deportation proceedings but they keep being postponed due to massive backlog of doing criminals first so she never will be deported and she knows this.

I believe our government knows all this but wants them to plant the flag, have kids, become dependents of the state, and be lifelong voters. Guess which party does this. If you're white you don't understand.