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You can read the planning board minutes about this project (starting at pg. 5) and listen to the audio (click Meeting Minutes tab) here:

Some interesting items:

  • 35 of the 44 units will be rent restricted to meet the HUD Fair Market rates for Dover, as published annually by New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority.

  • M. Speidel’s biggest concerns are traffic and parking. If there are potentially 66 residents there, there could be 66 vehicles, but only 59 parking spaces. He thinks there should be about 83 spaces when using formulas for residents and visitors. This may result in parking on Back River Rd which could be very dangerous due to slope. Mr. Randolph noted the lease will state that there is only one vehicle allowed on site per unit.


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"The Comcast "Broadcast TV" fee that isn't included in the company's advertised prices is rising again, tacking as much as $27 onto the monthly bills of cable TV users. Comcast's Broadcast TV and Regional Sports Network fees combined could add nearly $40 to a customer's monthly TV bill after next month's price hikes, all while Comcast advertises much lower prices than people actually pay.


The Broadcast TV fee is rising from $24.95 a month to $27.25 a month starting on December 20 in Sandown, New Hampshire, a letter from Comcast to town government officials said. In Sandown, the Regional Sports Network fee is rising from $11.85 to $12.


Comcast's advertised prices do not include the Broadcast TV or the Regional Sports Network fees even though these fees account for a large portion of customers' actual monthly bills. On Comcast's ordering website, the base prices are listed along with a message stating that Broadcast TV and Regional Sports fees are "extra" and that the price is "subject to change." The Broadcast TV and Regional Sports fees also aren't included in how Comcast calculates promotional pricing and thus can be raised even when a customer's promotional rate hasn't expired.


The letter to Sandown officials listed increases to base monthly rates for TV and Internet service and hikes to several fees in addition to the Broadcast TV and Regional Sports ones. TV box fees are set to rise from $8.50 to $10 a month, modem rentals from $14 to $15 a month, and in-home service visits from $70 to $100, the letter said."