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Lol who applauds new york?

The only people that think NYC works well are our elected officials and liberals who don't live here who are vested in nyc being a city on a hill to prove conservatives wrong.

Edit: ha, forgot the transplants who have to justify why they live with 3 other people in their 30s making the same amount of money they could have made back in ohio


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So while I think they should renovate, I'm not going to fucking live in midtown. Midtown sucks.

I'm not sure many people with money like to live in midtown. I mean there are Apts there so I must be wrong but I've never met someone who lives there. And these apartments are going to be expensive

Edit: for clarity


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And I've been going for 3 years and my only issue is the people there are clique-y.

If you don't like it don't go. I think it sucks. I don't go very often unless I'm short on time.


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Honestly, and this is going to annoy reddit, my biggest question is what the fuck were the democrats doing here?

Did they do no opposition research on a tight race in a historically blue distict? They spent over $3 million dollars on the race.

And before what about the republicans, as far as i can tell they never gave a shit about this dude and he basically wandered in off the street and crushed zimmerman.

Was zimmerman a giant piece of shit?