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There's a lot of documented provocation on both China and Ruzzia's parts, there may not be anybody getting shot down currently, but there are absolutely tense moments, and that's what qualifies them as an arch-nemesis. Additionally, other air forces we're up against get their asses stomped, as they're usually flying outdated craft, China and Ruzzia are the only two non-NATO nations that have current generation craft, at least on paper.


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Realistically probably not enough to make a difference, most people understand the reality that the GOP has lost the ability to govern effectively, and they haven't been a friend of any union save for police unions.

Also definitely not as many as they would lose for letting a significant portion of the supply chain stop.

The workers are going to have to strike on their own, or whatever they can do.


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They can charge him and try him in absentia and wait until he enters a US extradition treaty country and put a Red notice on him through Interpol, either way it would be "enjoy hiding out in second and third world countries until someone with guns trades you to the US".

But it's just money laundering, white collar crime, minimum security prison, if he doesn't find a way to get out of the charges by flipping for a bigger fish he should just face the charges.


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I bet you the crimes this family has done to this girl go far beyond just holding her hostage economically, the father has probably absolutely abused her physically and sexually, and even if he hasn't, she's been shown that these tantrums she throws gets her way for the most part.


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Bro he's a psychopath, you need to record yourselves in every conversation you have with them all just to cover your own ass, and you should escape this nightmare before it becomes worse for you.

There is no redemption in this situation, your gf is a broken person and it's the parents fault, so now they need to deal with her on their own.