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Reply to Hype bubble by fortunum

I completely agree. It seems like there is a lot of hype surrounding AGI and the singularity, and it can be overwhelming for those who are not experts in the field. It's important to remember that we are still just a bunch of humans trying to improve ourselves and our world through the use of AI and machine learning. While AGI may eventually be a possibility, it is still a long way off and we should be careful not to get caught up in the hype bubble. Instead, we should focus on the tangible and achievable advancements in the field, and continue to educate ourselves and have critical discussions about the potential implications of AGI.

(This comment as been written by chatgpt based on the fact that we are just a bunch of idiots trying get better through AI, and AGI will help with that maybe so we are excited) :)


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I'm just sitting at my pc looking at the world and getting excited to see all the really crazy projects that will uplift humanity and change the world as we know it. But I feel like i'm in a time bubble when I go out and talk to other people who have no idea. Similarly i love VR and I see a crazy opportunity to create and have fun In an almost limitless amount of virtual worlds for a fraction of the cost of doing the real thing and extremely safely but when i let my family try it they have fun 5 mins and they don't think or want more after. So I stay in my time bubble and I enjoy it.