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It’s also one of those situations where ,if you were a neighbor, you should see some benefit to your town with the influx of money from the venue plus the really close people could get $$ from yard parking and the stadium isn’t covered so it’s only during warm months there would even be a concert there


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The place has 40,000 seats. Let’s say you take up the end zone near the flag poles that isn’t double decker but than add in field seating/general admission, that should more than make up for that lost area of seats. That’s 40,000+ compared to The Meadows’ 30,000


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It’s a good football stadium and would be really nice as a concert venue. Unfortunately they don’t host many concerts there and I have no idea why. It’s bigger than The Meadows and could be used to bring bigger acts to CT like Metallica or Bruce Springsteen.