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The haha is because it is laughable to think people who have lived life have no idea of stress and anxiety. The statistical fact of the world is that far far fewer people by percentage live in poverty than even 40 years ago. The literacy rates, education rates, and health rates have all improved (although more fat people currently is lowering that).

So, things are objectively better as a whole even if the individual doesnt think so.


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Haha salti boi that's better than the usual insults i get. And I'm not saying i had it harder than anyone else. I paid for my own education (loans). Worked through highschool, college, grad school. Did 50 credit hours of community college to mske it cheaper. Harder than anyone? No. But if i need more money, i work more, instead of posting reddit messages about how bad life is. Houses were cheaper when i was a kid or my parents. So what? They also made less. My dads dad died when he was 5 and his mom got run over when he was 19. My moms dad died when she was 18. Plenty of woe is me stories to be had (and far worse than my family's predilection for early death) but so what. Life isnt fair, my kids have it 20x easier than i ever did (I'm successful and they will benefit from that) but they're going to be as happy or unhappy as they decide to be, and currently dont really want to be happy.

You thinking I'm a troll at least makes me chuckle. People out there get bent outta shape if anyone isnt suffering as much as everyonr else seems to think they are.

Whats your reason that life sucks?


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Haha sure. No one thats 40 50 60 or 70 has lived a life with stress so they can't possibly know what that is. People bitch today about getting 6% mortgage rates and houaing prices when it was EIGHTEEN PERCENT in the early 80's. That's just one data point obviously. Plenty more out there though.


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Yeah no one likes hearing that its a you problem not a them problem. I love buying stuff so i work a lot and therefore dont have to budget. Most people could save a bit of they tried, but its more fulfilling to bitch that they dont make enough.

My wife has 3 kids. Survived before we were together making 65k a year with zero financial support from the baby daddy. Now she lives free of rent ($2k/mo at her old appt) but can barely save anything. Theoretically she now has $24k of after tax money she should be saving. Magically though, she has almost none. Gee whiz. Cant possibly be a spending problem now that she has less financial pressure can it?


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And the families that are still obese that shop at the same stores as me? Obviously they live close enough to shop there. Are the white ones obese because of poor choices but the black ones because of racism? At some point one should take responsibility for what you stick in your body. There are plenty of skinny minorites too. Thru just eat less or burn more than they take in.


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Why is obesity seen historically as a sign of wealth in india then? Billions of poor people around the globe are not fat. Im solidly upper middle class and slowly getting fatter. Am i the victim somehow of racism in not aware of making me fat? Or is it the highly unlikely combination of me eating more calories than i burn while having a sedentary lifestyle?

I'm going with racism. That way i can blame someone else for my slow slide into obesity.


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The procedure was actually done against his wishes. He knew the morbidity of a major operation on a 90 year old. After he lost conciousness his wife over rode his wishes. The anesthesiologists at methodist in Houston refused because he didnt want it so they got the one that used to work with him to come and do it. She was the head of the anesthesia dept at the VA in Houston at the time but still had methodist privileges.

I only know this because i used to work there (though this took place a little while after i left) as an anesthesiologist.