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I completely agree that tow companies are shady and do illegal things. I have been towed twice in my life and both times I was swindled out of extra cash. One time because they "only took American Express" So I had to use their ATM which charged an insane fee and then they " didn't have change" So my option was to walk to a gas station like half a mile away or just give them an extra $15 bucks. I opted for the latter. The second time they just didn't take credit cards at all and they also "didn't have change" to give me.

But your case is based on two posters who got towed after they illegally parked. That is not a "recent uptick." That is two people who got towed after they illegally parked. I think to expose an illegal towing operation we have to start with cars that weren't supposed to be towed in the first place.


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I'm not going to bat for the tow company. But to think that the multi million dollar developer who owns this parking lot has a mistake in their tow signage is laughable. They have been having cars towed out of this parking lot for decades. I was towed out of it in 2008 or 2009. You clearly are not familiar with this area or this parking lot at all. As I said before, anyone who has lived in Jersey City more than a week knows that if you park illegally in this parking lot, you will get towed immediately.

I already said if it's not their tow company and it was a random tow company cruising then OP has a case. But it's more likely the multi million dollar developer who owns the lot has a tow company on standby 24/7 watching cameras.


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You are overcomplicating this. These laws you are citing don't apply if this is the tow company that the property owner has hired. Anyone who has lived in Jersey City for more than a week knows that you will get towed if you park illegally in this lot.

ShopRite doesn't own the parking lot. But their landlord does. And their landlord hires the tow company to patrol their private parking lot. They have every right to do this. There are literally signs all over this parking lot. If this was the tow company that the property owner hired then OP is SOL.


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The property owner of the parking lot hires a tow company to make sure everyone parking in their lot is going to the stores the lot is supposed to serve. There are signs literally all over the parking lot that say if you're not shopping at BJs or ShopRite your car will be towed. The mall is next door and has paid parking. If they didn't do this, everyone driving to the mall would park in this free lot, especially teenagers that hang out there. How do I know? Because I was towed for doing the same exact thing. Unfortunate that OP made an innocent mistake, but I believe they will be wasting their time trying to fight this.


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I think you are probably wasting your time. They will just say (and the cameras will prove) that they saw you walking towards the mall and how are they supposed to know you were going to ShopRite after. Wells Fargo has it's own parking lot. Next time park at Wells Fargo when you are going to Wells Fargo, and park at ShopRite when you are going to ShopRite.


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If I asked the question you asked and someone responded with a link to the artists storefront? I would have responded and said, "cool, thanks!" and it would have been the most boring reddit exchange on the planet.

Take the L man. Seriously. It's ok. Reddit is anonymous. You can still go out in public without people knowing you might be the dumbest person alive.


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I am actually laughing out loud picturing you, an internet stranger, spending two seconds answering this dudes question, putting your phone down for two hours, coming back to learn of the mess you have created, and posting this perfect response. Thanks for making my night.


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Everyone knows the first response was a link to a store. You said it ten times. It's also the first website that comes up when you search the artist's name. Bro took two seconds googling the dudes name, sent you the first website that came up, and went on with his night, not thinking about you or this artist again. Yet here you are still angry about it.

Spend your energy on something else for the love of God.


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The person responded with the artist's website which happens to be a store, which is generally common of all artists since selling their art is literally how they make a living. It was the easiest way for you to figure out what the artwork was and where it came from. Not everyone is famous and has a Wikipedia page. Wtf? This is the weirdest thing I've seen someone get angry about on Reddit. Just admit you are overreacting, learn from this experience, grow as a person, and move on.


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Reply to comment by hotblooded- in First date brunch spots? by [deleted]

Agreed with this! Skinner's has been a neighborhood staple for years. It's a classic restaurant. The negative comment below seems to be more interested in trendy places. I didn't suggest it because I don't really view it as a date spot per se but I enjoy it every time I go and I personally view it as a nice alternate to all of the new trendy stuff around it. If going for a first date, I would recommend sitting on the rooftop if it's nice enough and they've opened it for the season. It's gorgeous.


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I loved Base when I was a member. So many things you'd find in a high end gym (sauna, cold towels, built in locks) for not that crazy of a price. And free classes, including a spin room, with your membership. The spin classes alone were enough for me because it was essentially the cost of a boutique spin studio, except it comes with a whole gym too.

I haven't been a member in 4 or 5 years just because I moved to a building with a gym and it's sufficient for me, but unless it changed in the past few years I'd absolutely recommend it.