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We go through this every time this pops up. You're wrong. You're very wrong. You're incredibly fucking wrong. Stop being so dumb and wrong. 1) Many economists in this country are conservative. They espouse that shit because they are perfectly happy and content with coming up with a conclusion and then putting out bullshit to make it work. 2) Economics as a whole is mostly bullshit espoused by people who just want free cocktails and tell people who will give them what they want to hear. 3) It literally works all over the world, you fucking idiot. Go look at what was posted elsewhere in the replies here about how it works all throughout Europe, in that article's case, Austria.

And yes, people in this country are very fucking stupid and would not want to pay a small tax increase in order to ensure that we could have good public housing (which would in turn ease the financial burden for many more and actually allow people to live in an area where they work and not pay 50%+ of their take-home for rent, which would bring up a new group of middle class people, etc. etc. etc). You're correct in that just about no politician would actually try and make peoples' lives better.

You got to that conclusion the completely wrong way, but you at least got one thing right.


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Can't speak to the enforcement of the ABNB laws, but they're on the books and pretty strict. Looking at the 07302 and 07310 zip codes for a hypothetical rental a few weeks from now, it looks like there's about 20 total. Before those laws were passed, you used to see scores, if not hundreds, so it seems they're working.