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I've had similar experience, and the only time I really felt anything was followed by really bad spins and every bit of anxiety I hadn't felt during coming back from break at the same time. I suspect it's just something my brain is not well equipped to handle.

I'm not allowed to have it anymore(job reasons), so I'm not super bothered to find out.


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He can be a bit insufferable at times, but I appreciate how self aware he is. I haven't looked at the farm show yet since I prefer listening to most of my entertainment and this one sounds like it deserves a proper watching.


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Seems kind of dangerous to go pissing off people you're trapped with in one of the most hostile environments we have access to. Especially the ones who are trained to handle all the equipment that keeps you alive, and can just as easily use that knowledge to sabotage the boat.

Maybe, just maybe, we give them what they want and stop trying to assault the other sailors? Sure would hate to hear about one of the ladies snapping and an Astute or Vanguard just disappearing at sea.


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Former submarine sonar operator on youtube is always talking about when they were following a target around, they eventually learned the differences between the drivers and such on each watch just by the differences in sound they'd hear.

It's amazing the amount of information trained people can glean out of enough noise.


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You don't usually forge bronze and copper, and making plates out of them is just a matter of casting one, which should be trivial to do.

And by the time period OP is asking about, arrowheads are iron or steel, so copper cladding a gate is irrelevant to their production, except maybe for the guys it takes to pour the casting.