Dirtyoldsox t1_j69btar wrote

I’m not saying a utopia is possible or impossible however it certainly won’t ever exist under capitalism.

The existence or non existence of a utopia is not my point though. Why spread the message that chasing down our cheese will lead us, the mice, to death when the message should be that hoarding all the cheese that rightfully belongs to the mice will lead the mice to revolt and come for the trap setters head. If anything, the artwork upholds the elitist idea of stay within your socioeconomic class otherwise you’ll be in danger.

Either way you look at it though, my viewing of the artworks message is subjective to my views on the topic. Nobody is right or wrong here, just spitballing our opinions and views of the artists work. Well done on the artist to spur conversation!


Dirtyoldsox t1_j68bnbv wrote

Artwork like this always just comes across as annoying because we’re all just mice trying to chase our cheese in order to survive anymore. What else are we gonna do until a new system is put into play? Wanna make art with a message? Call out the billionaires exploiting our labor for chump change and poor living conditions.

Aside from that, the artwork is great. The message is just flat and tired.