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They do this so if there are many high profile accounts that don't pay the monthly fee for blue check mark, there is plausible deniabilty that these accounts paid but are "hiding" it

Plausible deniabilty in case the roll out of paid blue check marks is a failure


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Ok I'll just be blunt this time then. Your question is basically asking the same thing, whether the market is evaluating cost effectiveness of AI replacing job it is basically same as evaluating market value of nature of change in the firm

AI has reduced $100mil in payroll vs the perceived market value of XYZ change in the nature in the firm has generated $100mil reduction in expenses or $100mil increase in value = basically same thing


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Current round of tech layoffs are not bc of AI but because cheap capital and money supply has tightened

It may eventually happen, but not during this economic cycle

It's like internet adoption didnt peak til 20 to 30 years after first dot com bubble--we are in the first inning of the AI bubble, large scale adoption and economies of scale are probably at least 10 years away

Current hype cycle is to raise $$$ for the AI companies current R&D, real use cases and adoption will come much much later and likely after a boom and bust cycle

Stupid AI companies like that AI lawyer glorified chat bot will be the pets.com of this AI bubble and there will be many others... a few may become Amazon but that's gonna be 10 or 20 years away, and that company may be OpenAI or it may not even been started yet

Also human labour is cheap cheap cheap... will be a long ass time before a bespoke robot is cheaper than an illegal Mexican, if ever


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Lol 10 years... this is at least 100 years away from being economical and at scale where you could just buy one for using at home, if ever. Just think about how much energy and computing power would be required in the world for every household to have a super computer capable of processing a program indistinguishable from reality... this ain't happening any time soon or within 10 years

Plus who is the market for this? If someone wanted to escape reality this bad, they'd just do drugs... much cheaper and satisfying. Realism has diminishing returns for gamers, just coz a game is realistic doesn't make it fun, most gamers would rather a game be fun and well designed, not really care if they can live in a small town indistinguishable from reality unless they wanna escape their life so bad, in which case they're probably poor and cannot afford such a game


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Main stream media's current push of AI labour narrative is to decrease pay for current workers in attempt to lower wage inflation--this is coordinated with mass layoffs in tech. Truth is AI is nowhere near close to replacing human workers economically and at scale, but MSM wants to push the narrative for lower worker pay

Maybe AI will replace jobs later on at scale, but currently it's just a fictional part of a narrative--just like the metaverse narrative was pushed during last crypto bull bubble


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Let me put it this way, the hedge fund no doubt hired qualified IT specialists who know much more than you and get paid much more than you to handle their security (not saying this to attack you, just making my point)

Like the guy that played 1.5 years of college football then thinks they know better than Bill Belichek lol