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It will be temporary, the market always rights itself when supply and demand come into play. Yes it's culling from avian flu and yes it's farmers taking advantage of the opportunity to increase profits. But generally farmers aren't making high profit on commodity foods unless you're talking big agra, and we should all be supporting the smaller ones that give a reasonable life to animals. As far as I'm concerned I'm willing to pay the small farmers I support a few extra dollars until supply increases for a dozen eggs (likely later this year). After keeping a coop myself while paying high prices for organic feed, breaking my back cleaning bird crap and watching the local fox, owl and hawk population regularly 'cull' my flock I'm very happy to pay a bit more for awhile. If you're lucky enough to have a neighbor selling eggs good on ya!


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Maine's vast forested areas are doing more than their part toward reductions in carbon emissions and the states carbon neutrality, and tourists come here because of the unspoiled and undeveloped majority of the state's land mass. I don't think any of us want to be another Massachusetts but agree that we need a solution to affordable housing to attract more young people. My son and daughter are young, educated and were born in Maine and can't find an affordable place to live in southern Maine.


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What are we talking about here - a young troubled kid being drawn into radicalism on the internet, Southern Maine losing it's cultural identity while driving out the people that sustained it for generations, or whether to buy one or two machetes to attack police officers?