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i lived in a loft and can totally agree.

lived next to a problem tenant and when i say problem i mean PROBLEM. she would constantly be throwing shit at the walls and screaming at the top of her lungs with her boyfriend, id hear fights breaking out next door where they were absolutely whaling on each other.

called the cops on them multiple times but when they knocked, alls quiet all of a sudden, kept complaining to the property manager who did...nothing even when these lunatics would go literally all night long with this behavior

it took the better part of a year for anything to move on them and when i looked inside of the apartment when the maintenance guys were there the place looked like a bomb went off, holes, shattered glass all over the place you name it


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had an issue just like this in massachusetts with a sticker with the excuse/explanation "theres too much play in your wheel"

took it to my usual repair place ( had hit a large pothole at one point) but they checked it and show me that there wasnt really any wiggle outside the usual give.

took it BACK to the place with the paperwork and they INSISTED the wiggle was too much and they were going to fail it. this ended with the two dudes losing thier shit when i told them im not getting it repaired there they flipped thier shit and i left.

went to a different garage told them what the first two clowns had said and lo and behold it passed.