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I smell a riff between the Oob PO and the Regional P.office for not supplying back up delivery workers.We were getting mail sporadic and now it stopped ,I have been reading about areas in Biddo and Saco with the same service ,when I complained the story from OOB po was there was a worker out and they are short staffed at the sorting facility and some zones are not getting mail....


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Local ordinances may vary but in general ..It is unlawful for a person to shoot or discharge a firearm of any kind or description in the City within 100 yards of a residential dwelling without the permission of the owner, or in his absence an adult occupant of that dwelling as set forth in 12 M.R.S.A. § 7406(13).


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File a police report and call animal control for sure and send this jerk the vet bill ! and talk to a personal injury lawyer also in Maine you have the right to shoot an animal attacking you