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Media ownership holds a lot of influence over what stories you cover and what you're allowed to say on those stories.

You aren't a journalist. As long as you stay under Bezos' thumb all you are is a complicit pawn.


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The UK already passed a huge variety of strict weapon laws and now wants to crack down on peaceful protest for being slightly disruptive. Where is the line?

Food for thought. Putting peaceful climate protestors in prison for being mildly disruptive is itself disruptive.

From my POV it seems like the elites who own the economy are systematically pacifying the population and targeting who they perceive to be a threat viciously.


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Do you guys think that playing on artifical turf might be a factor?

I've read that players get more concussions and injuries in general playing on turf vs grass and that turf has some toxicity concerns as well.

Scotland uses turf more than a lot of other countries which could maybe contribute to their higher estimate.

"The highest reported usage of synthetic turf, according to the survey results, occurs in Norway (84%), followed by Ireland and Scotland (81% each) and Moldova (75%)."



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Okay but can we agree that it's acceptable to leave halloween decorations up for more than a month?

I think that by december the halloween decorations should come down by any time from mid september to late november is in season and halloween decorations can in many cases doubie as thanksgiving ones.


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I like this take. Hard to call a guy a luddite who chooses not to use technology only so he himself can learn more.

Although, if you judged someone else for using a translator instead of learning multiple language though you'd circle right back to luddite because then you'd be shaming the use of technology at that point.

I'm thinking learning is great but people only have so much sand in their hourglass to spend and even if they aren't studying Portuguese they could be studying something else instead.

Also a universal translator can't exist because if you made one I'd invent a dumb language just to say the device can't interpret it.


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I like your opinion.

I think there is a division of what stoicism historically was and the version of it we see implemented today.

I agree with the people saying his criticisms of stoicism aren't completely in line with the historic writings but at the same time I feel it is applicable to the pop-culture stoicism being thrown around today.

I'm personally of the opinion that I think the "pop culture stoicism" is a load of self help BS and I see where the OP article author is coming from in that respect. It in my opinion tells people to bottle things up without providing the philosophical groundwork to actually deal with those emotions and successfully move on.

Before someone replies to me "that's not stoicism" that's kind of my point. This isn't directed at Marcus Aurelius and the reality is 99% of people aren't going to read actual philosophy books they get their "Stoicism" second hand from the internet or culture.

I liked what Neil Durrant wrote about Nietzsche. About how the true key is to allow ourselves to experience human emotion then channel it/incorporate it into ethical action.

I'm not giving advice to anyone else but I found at least for me that emotionality is just another facet of our humanity. To be the most "complete" human possible we have to use those emotions not suppress them.


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This entire "paradox" is hateful people trying to use your morality against you to twist your arm. Hateful people know that good people get hung up on matters of moral purity.

This always felt more like a cheap "gotcha" than a paradox for that reason.

Good people of sound mind are equipped to use their judgment to assess human social situations on an individual basis.

Good is not a synonym for Nice. Sometimes societal shunning or even force is necessary to keep hateful people from feeling emboldened to prey on others using a facade of a belief system. Some people see the world through the lens of power not philosophy or discourse.

Indulging tainted ideologies with tolerance exposes vulnerable people to it and gives the impression those ideologies have merit.

Tolerance seemingly translates to pacifism to some people and it is a fine line between being a pacifist and a bystander.

Sometimes just some well phrased vicious mockery from a knowledgable person is enough to make a point and keep in mind more often than not the purpose of that is not to convince the hateful to change but rather to sway the audience. It depends on the scope of the situation in question and a measured response is the answer.

How do we decide what is a tainted ideology? Ultimately as a group. This is where society leans on the enlightened to make these calls and extract nuance and truth from grey situations.

If we don't trust the scholars of humanity to sort this out as a group we will get nowhere fast. While this system isn't perfect I think it is evident that human morality is evolving in a good way over time when we look at the viewpoints that influence younger generations as a whole.


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A big part of why I bring up the guns is that if we pacify society we become that much further away from being able to solve the root issues.

Disarmament in most european countries, Australia, Canada etc was done in a certain way.

They got universal healthcare first, they got groundwork for a civilized society first and then disarmed later. I think that's an important distinction to make.

But perception is power is important when it comes to bringing people to the negotiation table. People who are powerless don't get negotiations they get steamrolled.


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How long is society going to pretend there aren't root causes to all these problems in America?

Skyrocketing Income inequality
No healthcare/Mental Health access
Dysfunctional hateful government
Prison capital of the world
Calls people heroes as they sacrifice them to the economy god
Police are a sadistic joke with no legal obligation to save anyone
Stagnant wages yet abusive work conditions
The media is owned by the elite who control the narrative and throw gas on the fire
Burning the world down to avoid confronting climate change

But sure lets just do a war on drugs because DRUGS are the problem.
Lets just ban all guns because GUNS are the problem.

When you look at the data for drug abuse and mass shootings yearly you see there's an undeniable trend and I know you know what I mean. Societal decline traces America's decline.

Look at America's problems and tell me only a psychopath would be angry. Tell me only a junkie would use drugs to escape this madness.

This never gets better until we stop searching for easy scapegoats and address the elephant in the room.

You will never solve sorrow and rage by blaming drugs and guns.


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Celebratory gunfire has an accepted definition. Shooting up in the fire basically.

This is one of the few laws that I think everyone will agree is actual common sense.

The only acceptable time in my opinion to shoot up in the air is using birdshot with a shotgun in the right situation and circumstances and even then every pellet has a lawyer attached to it if anything goes wrong.


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Shooting straight up in the air is the only "celebratory": gunfire I've ever heard of and that's wildly reckless. I want to say shooting up in the air is the "definition" of this term.

l even if you don't hit anything or anything and that's a good thing but I feel like a case for reckless endangerment could have already been made for that and this law seems a little bit superfluous. Not complaining I'm just saying by default I'm pretty sure celebratory gunfire is always illegal.


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I'm always stunned how people who want firearms banned reconcile that with knowing how heinously shitty american police are.

They are not only notoriously violent but have zero legal obligation to save anyone.

For bonus points if you get hurt because you're pacified it'll cost a small fortune to pay your medical bills

People love to point to other countries when it comes to guns but never want to mention the big picture of how society in those countries is.


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It's more than just saving face.

China actively wants people around the world to die so that proportionately they don't lose power on the world stage by dragging everyone down.

It's basically premeditated mass murder.

And this isn't the first time. This is just iike 2020. China covered up covid even existing including arresting whistleblowers and then they told a bunch of lies and they played a leading role in spreading covid 19 conspiracy theories for good measure.



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I'm stating how things already are. If people want a disarmed society they need to lay down groundwork for society to function that way and stop pretending it will be totally just like Europe overnight.

The order in which you handle America's gaping wounds matters because citizens need a real guarantee of their safety first before disarmament.


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Self defense have you heard of it?

Do you expect people to just call the police so america's notoriously violent and undertrained cops can use their firearms instead?

That is if they even show up. Fun fact they have zero legal obligation to protect or save anybody.

Which role do police fill in your opinion hunting, warfare, or hobbyist?

So you want to just pacify everyone in a society where healthcare costs a fortune and the police don't give a shit?

Or better yet just make citizens jump through countless financial hoops so that only rich people can have firearms because the poor just weren't oppressed enough as it is.

License (fee). Registration (fee). Insurance (huge expense)

Yeah I feel safe already...


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The professors often do care. They give the benefit of the doubt to students who show up every day and often are strict with ones who regularly don't show up.

When it comes to asking for an extension or whether or not your grade might get rounded up it absolutely matters if they saw your face every class.