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Yeah, but in the coming years it will be probably moist enough for the French rivers to carry enough water to properly cool their reactors, so this won't be the standard for to long, as it has been during the last decade or so.


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Yeah no. SPSS recently defaulted to .sav files and is now the standard suggested program for me to open my emulation save files. Something went fucky along the way.


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They put this into one single package of bills? What the fuck? Do they think we're distracted due to the world cup? Nuclear power and Bürgergeld shouldn't be passed in unison. The topics are that different that you couldn't exhaustively debate everything before making a decision.


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Time and temperature are not equal parts of the equation. If you subject something to the surface temperature of the sun for a minute, it will not turn out well done. This is because the surrounding molecules are moving that incredibly quickly that your cake or whatever would burn to a crisp.