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I don't think that you're going to find anyone reasonable that disagrees with the sentiment on its face but it's also important to realize that people are going to capitalize off this trend with bullshit.

They already have.

There was that politician just yesterday or the day before. Articles posted were claiming he was "physically assaulted" when he wasn't touched or they were conspicuously omitting any details about the alleged assailant which may lead the reader to draw false conclusions about their political leanings.

We need to condemn the actual violence but we also need to view every instance we read about with some level of skepticism rather than jumping to conclusions.


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Reply to comment by meinblown in Who is Malloy anyway? by cdrknives

Some are cool some are total assholes. More than anything, they are people.

Like cops, a higher percentage of certain personality types may be more prone to joining, however, but I think the police attract more assholes than the military.


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> A disturbing number of people have a heart condition slowly killing them and they don't even know it.

No doubt. But, if they don't even know it, they can't be suffering too much at least. A quick death with minimal suffering is better than one full of years of pain, like a cancer slowly eating you away while the treatment you are receiving for it eats you away even more.


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I'm not familiar with the guy but the article doesn't mention any major health issues leading up to this.

He died fairly young. It's sad and tragic. But many of us would be so lucky. I've seen enough people deteriorate for years before finally losing their fight. That's so much harder on themselves and everyone around them.


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I'm under 40. I've lived in a ton of other places both rural and urban all over the country. I've had my share of a wide variety of things people consider fun. Raves, concerts, festivals, bars within walking distance on the beach, you name it.

It really all depends who you are and what you find entertaining.

"You always have to make your own fun" ~Eugene Hutz