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Eh it may just be my personal growing up experience. When I was a kid/teen there was nothing to do in town, especially in the winter. So many people turned to drugs and alcohol seemingly out of boredom. I’m not a “country” outdoorsy type of person and never felt like I fit in there. Also it seemed that the city council over the years had cared more about things like random art on the sidewalks than fixing the town proper. However, I will say Belfast has seen quite a lot of development in recent years with the new shipyard and other community projects, so there’s that.

Sorry I took so long to respond, didnt even see that I got a reply to this 😳


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Hmm don’t wanna repeat any other suggestions here so maybe a 24 hour McDonald’s? If you have one nearby that is. I dont see why they would care and they usually have parking spots off to the sides away from the building. And if you get hungry, you can get your grub on.


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Electric for sure. I don’t really like coffee, most of it is pretty gross and it just seems like an unnecessary money pit to me. I used to get a mocha coolatta like once every two years but that’s it.


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Heavy jacket for colder days, thermals if you have bad insulation or work outside. You should be fine. But if you see someone wearing shorts and a t-shirt in January, just don’t be like that person. No one likes that person.


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No matter what color they paint that pole, no matter how big of a STOP sign or anything else they stick in it, it is destined to destroy vehicles and cause mayhem.


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Yeah that was one thing R’s we’re trying to say after Biden won “No way that guy won, you barely saw any Biden signs anywhere in my neighborhood!” Like it equates to votes lol. Well, we don’t hang giant political billboard signs and flags on our homes and vehicles and wear hats and t-shirts that say idiotic slogans like ‘brandon’. We just vote and maybe put up a few yard signs a few weeks before election time and they come down a day or two afterwards.