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I really hope green technology goes down the path of cutting off a lot of the fluff with the investments, where entities and projects go for flashiness while not actually being that “green”. Don’t get me wrong, this is great, but it’s easier to affect that change now compared to later when it’s all more established and adopted by everyone


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That doesn’t seem to be the case when I was looking up the impact of wind turbines and oil spills each year to each other. It’s nearly a whole order of magnitude against wind turbines, likely because they’re constantly there while oil spills happen occasionally. Is there information I’m missing here or are you including all climate change deaths to the oil spills and auto exhaust section?


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That means it’s not a good bill. If you have to rely on goodwill to prevent something like this from happening, you created an advertisement, not a law


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Carbo-loading before long endurance exercises like a marathon or some other multi-hour cardio exercise has been proven to be helpful, not sure about normal exercise lengths of an hour or two, or other types of exercise