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GMO are not a recent thing.

Horizontal gene transfer occurs naturally, probably frequently, and is equivalent to transgenic mutations commonly referred to as GMO.

Bacteria and plants have had an unimaginable amount of time to coevolve. Aliens not required.


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There's only a couple places for pho and they're fine, I guess. A place called Simmer that I thought was pretty good. But according to the Vietnamese women at my wife's nail salon, none of the places in town are any good. I'm pretty sure they're comparing it to their home recipes. Maybe next time we're in the mood for it we'll drive up and check out Lee's.


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This video might be fake, but I just last week had friends of mine saying they saw someone walking a couple macaws like this. Like the birds were flying and the owner was walking along. It sounded insane to me but I don't know why they would have lied about it.


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And I was a nuclear reactor safety analyst for commercial pwrs. So what. I worked with many ex Navy people. I think they would all agree there's a big difference in operating requirements and environments that make their safety strategies quite different. Are navy nukes subject to NRC regulations? Is a nuclear sub required to have an exclusion zone, or any of the other site conditions that a commercial plant does? A ship or sub doesn't have to worry about loss of offsite power, staging FLEX equipment, store spent fuel. So you could argue that naval reactors are more safe, but they don't have the safety requirements to protect a nearby civilian population.


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Naval reactors use uranium that is much more highly refined and presumably they are allowed to be much less safe because you're not usually within many miles of civilians. NuScale smrs are made to be built in a factory and then shipped to site via train and truck. They are also designed to be installed in groups at a site. The design is, allegedly, inherently safe meaning the mechanical design prevents meltdown or the release of radiation.

Fundamentally they are the same in that they are pressurized water reactors that use fuel rods.


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They are producing plenty of R Pi boards, just not for the consumer market. Commercial and military are using more RPi than ever before. I believe that is their primary income stream now. The hobbyists and hackers will get the leftovers if available. The shortage causes scalpers, not the other way around.