DocRough t1_j656giv wrote

What says I am compulsive about casual hookups? Ive gained immense knowledge talking to other sexually liberated people that allows me to do so in a controlled, knowledgeable way. I don't have to hide it from the people around me so I have access to social support networks that keep me from doing harm to myself and others.

I am quite confident when I say you are one of the people that talk a lot about these things while having next to no experience. I wish I could just insert the level of first-hand knowledge I have interacting sexually with other humans into you and make you realize sex isn't as scary or gross as you believe. But if you stay in your bubble you'll always believe that boogieman is scary!

Alternatively, we could ban sex ed and pretend like waiting til marriage is a commonly practiced thing that should be enforced morally else you are a lesser human. Then when humans DO act on their sexuality out of internal tension building up and snapping they can make desparate, rash decisions.

Which sounds more healthy?


DocRough t1_j63j0k3 wrote

If the dominant cultural forces around the world get together to yell various doctrines to their followers and those doctrines are problematic in so many obvious ways, should we ignore it? You keep believing religions aren't hypocritical. Ill keep going over to guy's houses with crosses on their wall to hook up without learning their names sweety.

Or should we pretend that atheism is a monolith that can even be described by overarching morals or even ways to live?