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None of us are getting younger. This project might take a decade to finish. I want every project to start construction sooner so I have more time to enjoy it.

No one should want to delay construction on anything. Delaying just means it can be cancelled or never constructed. The rapid, rapid development in the suburbs means houses are being built faster than infrastructure can be built out. There's no room for more highways, train avenues, or even freaking grid planning. Just buy whatever land you can and put townhouses on it.

My rant is - we need stronger construction control from the government and a larger, more active infrastructure plan. We need to start spending billions on our roads. The 476 to 95 expansion plan needs to begin today as well.


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"I'm not a Republican, I'm a Libertarian"

I'm not actually surprised I knew this was the answer. I didn't want to put you on blast because then you wouldn't have stated it.

You cannot "agree with Democrats on Social Matters" if you agree with Libertarians on Financial Matters. If you understood politics, you'd understand why.


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Nothing is more Republican than refusing to state you're Republican. Do you know how many ads I've seen where Republican candidates won't define themselves as such? Or their political signs, which are often blue.

But Democrats? They don't have this problem.

But sure, you're "not a Republican". Doesn't change anything.


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Lol, refute what you said? You've said nothing. You aren't making some giant debate. You're going "all politicians are bad" on a post about a bad Republican politician. Everyone knows what you're doing. And just like your idols, you're lying right here.


DoctorSteve t1_j9mjdpn wrote

You know you didn't quote that correctly, right?

Democrats never say "it's all politicians". Because this line is only used by Republicans to deflect criticism of their candidates. It's justification for voting for a candidate you KNOW is awful. You know your candidates suck. But you still vote for them.