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Thank you for the reply! It was more of a curiosity for me than anything. Please let the family know they make one hell of a chip! I can't keep an open bag alive for more than a day in my house.


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Bought two bags of Maine made chips today. Same brand different flavors, one is a bag of "Potato" Chips and the other a bag of Potato Chips. Anyone know why one is quoted?


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Thing sounds like a Federal Witch Hunt to justify their task force. This whole write up is sensationalist garbage.

> Norris’ LinkedIn page describes her as an osteopathic physician specializing in assisting recovery from pain, addiction, obesity and other suffering using osteopathy, pharmacology and empathy.

So yeah she could be prescribing these sorts of drugs. Doctor specializing in recovery and pain management writing prescriptions for these things seems normal.

> Court records show that Norris prescribed oxycodone, methadone, diazepam and clonazepam to three patients between Dec. 23, 2021, and June 21, 2022.

10 counts covering three patients for six months.. 3 patients out of what, a hundred? two hundred?

Sounds like the New England Prescription Opioid Strike Force had to start showing results and this Medical Doctor was the unlucky target. There are a lot of names in that press release and I don't see any with M.D. or Pharm. D at the end of them. I would be much more interested to see what other doctors say about this than a press release from the Feds.