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Yea, I am not surprised this failed. You need to nail this, all of it, not just where it is popping off the wall, everywhere. 18 gauge brad nails, use a paintable wood filler to fill the holes, sand, then paint, you will not see any nail holes.

Pin nailers work well, but don't buy a pinner just for this.

For future reference, in certain applications, just gluing things works well. This is not one of them, you still need to mechanical fastening.


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Looking at the other post you got some reasonably good advice but your problem is still not solved.

Can you measure the interior dimension of the frame and exterior dimension of the wood for me? The frame should be 1/4" larger than the door. I guess it is possible the multiple layers of paint over the years have caused this to be closer to 1/8" or 3/16", it looks a little tight in the picture. It may need to be cut down a a smidge just to make everything work again.

If it is the right dimensions then its really tough to give good advice without getting my hands on things. Reasonably as long as you have a 1/8" reveal all around and the correct hinges you should be able to adjust them so they function appropriately. Did you mount the new hinges following the instructions of the new hinges or in the same mounting position as the old? they may not be directly equivilant in all respects.


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You want to shim the mounting bracket under an mounting screw holes where it is not touching the wall. You can use regular wood shims available at any hardware store. You will want to drill to drill a pilot hole through the shim and stud to stop it from splitting. Use a utility blade (always cut away from yourself) to score the and snap off shim when done.