Doge_Of_Wall_Street t1_iy71nis wrote

You said it yourself. It wasn’t “set in stone” if it was renegotiated from 2020 to 2021. And even if Biden felt like he was constrained by Trump’s agreement… he reversed all of Trump’s OTHER policies, why not this one? Did we continue to build “the wall” just because Trump had set the wheels in motion? Absolutely not.

Nice try. The withdraw from Afghanistan was 100% on Biden, and the blood shed is on his hands.


Doge_Of_Wall_Street t1_iy62pfe wrote

So I’m a Veteran, and a Republican but I didn’t vote for Trump any of the 4 times he was on my ballot (2 primaries and 2 generals).

If this next election ends up being Trump v. Biden, I’m voting Trump because of what Biden did in Afghanistan. When Trump left office, we had 18 months of zero casualties, only 2,500 troops there. After Biden, we have a generational leap backward in women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, public executions and the whole country has been plunged into poverty and famine.

I don’t like Trump for all the reasons that have been mentioned ad nauseam, but I’ll take mean tweets over Biden’s body count any day.