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Sure. He looks bad. And the fact that he was nominated mid last year and he seemed to not know some basic questions is concerning. Though, at least one of those questions seemed a bit ridiculous.

Edit: The senator knows the answers to the questions he's asking because he's asking them. Did he really have these things memorized before he and his staff prepared the questions? To ask what some section #'s of the FAA bylaws are seems a bit ridiculous to ask to me. It is not like it's a Supreme Court hearing where there are only 28 amendments.


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Nice. Very passive aggressive.

Why do you think I look at FB? I don't think you understand the point I'm making at all.

In most many many fields of science, experiments are never done again to replicate findings. And many times the findings fail to be replicated when it is actually done, sometimes because the same protocol was not followed. And sometimes studies are never replicated but are still taken as fact by governments and institutions.

So, my point is this: why do this survey study when it's been done many, many times with similar findings when it's so trivial (and a waste of resources in my opinion) and when there's a lot more studies that need replication to actually help the people being affected.


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I don't understand the unfriendly attitude here or the assumption that I don't like science. If you knew the history of the NIH and CDC, then you'd understand.


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Whatdya mean? Of course, I do. Scientists have to do similar survey studies to replicate findings even if the same findings have already been found 20 or more times so they can get paid from their universities or governments.


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Soon, the NIH will have its groundbreaking study showing Long Covid affects 23-25% of the population, affects mostly women, and those with symptoms.


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You need added sugar and junk food taxes so people consume less of these things. Even pure sugar and white flour should get taxed. Meanwhile, healthy snacks like veggies, fruit, popcorn, diet soda, and carbonated water can all receive subsidies along with whole grain bread and artificial sweeteners.