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They advertise and essentially endorse the game. A small time developer can publish their own video game, but they're going to get a lot more sales by having a bigger name backing their funding and attaching their name to it. It's similar to someone self-publishing a book they wrote. A lot of those are never heard of, but going through a large publisher whose sole purpose is making it a success financially will be a lot more profitable


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You got real hostile real quick for absolutely no reason and you sound absurd. It's clear from all your comments that you read whatever you want instead of what people say and were actually just looking for a circle jerk, not actual information. They can't just comment without investigating. Maybe somebody did do this, maybe it was even cops. I don't disagree at all that it needs investigated by state or federal authorities and/or independent sources and i certainly never suggested its OK to treat anyone like that, ever, and nobody else suggested that either. That's just your paranoid imagination.

Whatever happened there was a crime. Period. Whether real cops did it, fake cops, teenagers, the homeless people themselves, the property owners, whoever, it was a crime. Active investigations almost always are responded to with no comment until they have enough information to comment. Yes, obviously if he authorized it he's not going to admit that openly. But if it was done without his authorization by some gung-ho asshole cops and he says cops didn't do it then that'll come back on him as a lie even if he just didn't know until after the investigation.

Don't just pretend that anybody who doesn't immediately want the death penalty for all cops without an investigation into what actually happened must hate all homeless people. That's what you sound like. This needs investigated by whoever is in the appropriate position to do so, just like any other crime. The statement that i was referring to above acts like them not making a comment is an admission of guilt, and that's not how things work. They wrote an entire article based around how guilty they must be for not immediately commenting. That's crap journalism.


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Declining to comment isn't an admission of guilt. Absolutely nothing was established in that entire statement other than its wrong to treat homeless people that way, to which nobody disagreed. I can definitely see why they wouldn't comment to them if that's how they spin things.


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Yeah but as many unnamed witnesses as the article claims there were, including people from various ministries, you'd think at least one person would've recorded something or even taken a picture. Even of the aftermath by somebody who didn't personally see it happen. But there's nothing. That sounds even fishier to me than the sheriff not feeding into it


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One person uses the same amount of refrigerators as four people, keeps the house the same temperature as four people, pays the same monthly amount for internet as four people. Sure they probably use less water, do a little less laundry, take fewer showers, but depending on the individuals personal conservation efforts and the efficiency of the house itself with weatherproofing and specific appliances one person could easily have a bill close to a four person household, especially accidentally before they really get to know their new house well enough to account for it


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All animals need to work to eat if they aren't pets or farm animals. Whether it's hunting, foraging, or leading/protecting a pack, they all contribute to their own survival and that of their community.

Money is a physical representation of goods or services provided to others that are used in trade. It's a human society's version of the same thing that happens in the wild but allows it to happen on a much larger scale.


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Blood does replenish but if you're losing it faster than you can make it or lost a lot at once you need a transfusion to get enough blood to stay alive long enough to fix the problem and then make enough more of your own. The body needs time and resources to make more blood and can compensate for small losses like a donation or minor wounds but anything more and it's gonna need some help


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Sneezing is how our body expels things it detects in the sinuses like allergens or other irritants. Viruses and bacteria are just along for the ride. The ones that hang out there had a better chance of spreading and multiplying which means they become more active and ones that don't died out or became less common (or found a different mechanism that helped them spread)