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100 percent. I used to work for a garage door company, and on occasion we had to replace springs that break

(NOTE: a modern garage door spring breaking is NOT DANGEROUS, it wont randomly fly off and break anything. Look above your garage door, there should be a rod with a spring or multiple springs wrapped around it. If you still have an old style which are fairly rare now, then the springs will stretch freely and are dangerous: you should get an upgrade).

Anyway, we were able to disengage the springs, use a scale to weigh the combined total of door sections, and use balance tables to find the correct size spring or springs, and number of rotations. Any decent company should be able to do that and get you new springs. I would recommend that instead of removing insulation (because a non insulated panel keeps out little more cold than the wind) but also because if that door was improperly balanced the whole time, you could be looking at strain on the opener or other parts of the door hardware.


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I know a lot of people already know, but if you haven’t looked into it before check out the impact methamphetamine (or it’s early cousin) played in World War II. Without it, the blitzkrieg would have looked very different.