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Just find a spot where you can park legally. It’s a weekend so a lot of those commercial vehicle only spots are only valid Monday through Friday but people don’t read the sign and leave the spot open


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I bought a car on Craigslist like 5 years ago for $250. It was a very crappy Daewoo Lanos that this old guy was the original owner. He was selling it because it was his wife’s car and she passed away. Ran that thing somewhere between 6 months and a year before the brake lines completely went through. Would have cost me well over a grand to fix it so I sold it for scrap for $150. Best $100 I ever spent


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Interesting, when I looked a few years ago their rate was the same as Capital One and as far as their checking and savings accounts go I got much better rates from both city of Boston credit union and Capital One. Maybe it’s time to check them out again, I’m going on info from 3-4 years ago


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I have the same problem in my building. Basically it’s a 2 family house with separate mailboxes and the USPS for some reason has 3 addresses for it in their systems.

They have 123 Main St, 123 Main St Apt 1 and 123 Main St Apt 2

I think that is the reason I can’t sign up, I’ve also been trying for years


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11:30am just seems insane to me. I know murder doesn’t care what time it is but usually these things happen at night with copious amounts of alcohol not on a Sunday morning when people are getting home from church


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Barking Crab for your traditional fried seafood and Bud Light. Yankee Lobster for the same if you want to avoid frat bros. Legals for your upscale seafood dinner. James Hook for a lobster roll.