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Usually those are not just vacant but structurally dangerous and beyond repair. That’s about what it takes for the city to actually evict anyone living there in order to condemn a whole block. And again, if you look at where that tends to happen you’d be placing one improved block amidst a blighted neighborhood. It can be a struggle in those cases because, while the buyers intention may be good, they’re usually greeted with hostility by the community. If the program has a time commitment for private purchasers they’ve just tied themselves to a house in an area typically struggling with crime, lack of services, poor school options, and limited resale opportunities for investment. Professional investors face the same hurdles if they buy the whole block, plus typically community protest for attempting to gentrify or change the neighborhood. I did kind of the opposite, purchasing a house in bad condition in an at the time struggling neighborhood which has since improved immensely. We dealt with break ins and thefts, people using our closed yard as a cut through, random people coming to the door demanding that we rent to them because we were somehow listed as a partial HUD rental and hostility from some of the older neighbors because restoring a truly damaged home while living in it is a slow and painful process. We also noticed that once the city sees you as a target for citations they tend to hit you for everything possible adding $100s if not $1000s to the cost of improvement. It makes me feel like as a home owner here I’m being slowly bled while houses that are literally falling down have nothing happen because there’s no money in threatening someone with no money.


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They have made similar “traffic diet” changes along Harford road and we get a lot of the same. Add to that the parking lanes along Harford have actually reduced street parking when you factor in floating bus stops, curb ends and bump outs, and dead space carved out by flexposts. We now get constant business and customer parking in the neighborhood which is annoying, but it also leads to assholes flying down side and cross streets trying to get around the congestion on Harford rd. We’ve been fighting to get traffic calming for years on the side streets, in the neighborhoods, instead the worst drivers now see this as a cut through to speed around the badly timed traffic lights.


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In my front yard, I have a tree full that are almost ripe if the squirrels would stop stealing them. This years batch looks much better than the past few. The tree is about 11 years old, planted it myself.