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Tbh I've started using my brights specifically because other cars' headlights blind me and I need every bit of clarity I can get and brights help me with that.

It sucks but when the majority of cars either have blinding lights or are pickups/sun's which also have blinding lights. I'm pretty certain that brights are substantially less bright than those two groups anyway


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YMCA's can be good options as well, tho not as specific as a powerlifting gym. Still they'll almost always have racks, benches, and bars at a minimum and some of the accessories in #3 are likely as well. I doubt most would have a reverse hyper machine tho


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Fwiw Suffolk and umass boston are tied at 234 in the US news and world report rankings for national universities. Obviously those rankings are to be taken with a large grain of salt, but still if it were me or my kid I'd need the expensive private school to be way better than the state school to justify that cost

Personally I already think BU and NEU, at full price, are terrible values relative to their public school peers


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Imo there's way too much conversation about reputation and campus experience than about cost and debt load

I'm 10 or 20 years the school you went to likely won't matter much. But the debt you still carry (or that prevented you from saving for a down-payment or retirement) will haunt you long after you leave.

If the cost of attendance is similar after aide then sure. But if you have to pay full price for Suffolk then that could potentially be the biggest mistake of your life

Are other state schools an option? I'm guessing you want to be in Boston, but umass Amherst is an upgrade over UMB while still being much cheaper than private school


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>SU is a good private college,

Is it? Not to be rude (and im the first to diss my own school), but I thought of it as a below average private school especially for the Boston area. But with typical private school prices it's basically the archetype of a school I'd avoid (pricey and mediocre)

Not to say it's not better than UMass Boston, but for the money I'd much rather go to UMB


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Reply to comment by Gamebird8 in Earth changing seasons. by ooMEAToo

Yeah, one week could just be weather, but the climate change in my lifetime has been so noticeable. Boston just isn't a wintry location most of the time anymore. If only climate change could do something about the darkness...

Of course it's fitting that our snowiest winter ever has happened recently, which bucks the trend. And (I think?) the coldest day of my lifetime happened this year during one of the warmest winters in record.


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Depends how well you do your taxes. I take the standard deduction and as such I don't see anything that they could do that would couldn't do myself with freetaxusa ($15). Sure having a kid opens up stuff like the child tax credit, the dependent care credit, and stuff like opening a dependent care FSA but that's stuff you'll get prompted on by a tax software once you say you have a kid