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I just took Amtrak to DC over Presidents’ Day weekend and I left my car at the Metropark station because Amtrak stops there, and there is plenty of parking. The train was 15 minutes late but maybe that was because the holiday weekend.


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Oh that’s ok. The connectors I was referring to are the guys that work with the crane hoisting beams, columns, joists etc into place. They’re in what’s called a “Raising Gang” which is usually made up of 6 people. A foreman, a crane operator, two guys on the ground sending the pieces up, and two guys in the air.

Welding is fusing two metals together, we typically use welding rods or a wire feed machine. For the points I had to weld, I used the wire feed machine because it’s much faster than using welding rods.


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I’m an Ironworker and was on the project a few years ago when we were setting steel. I had to weld these gigantic moment connections, some hanging from a wooden float because there was no way to get a 120’ man lift in position, it was pretty awesome. Looking forward to flying out of the new terminal soon and stay safe!