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To actually answer you, you should see whether you can get some Harry Potter themed snacks online somewhere (butter beer, pumpkin juice, those weird jelly beans, chocolate frogs, etc. I know they sell them at the theme parks but don’t know if they’re available elsewhere


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The first PG-13 movie I watched was IJ Crystal Skull. I was 13. I don’t remember when I watched my first R rated movie, but it was a decent amount of time later, but before I was 17.

I did watch plenty of those borderline PG-13 movies though like Clue and the other Indiana Jones movies, just off the top of my head.

Edit: almost forgot Temple of Doom is PG-13, so that would actually be the first one. I was probably 10 but I don’t remember exactly


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Reply to comment by Varekai79 in Is 4k blu ray worth it? by G00bre

Personal preference. OP doesn’t seem to want to spend a lot on 4K’s so I’m offering my own solution. I know there’s more than just visuals when it comes to 4K but I just don’t think some movies are as worth it


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I only get 4K’s of movies that have stunning visuals. For example, I would not get a 4K of something like Knives Out or The Godfather, but I would get a 4K for Interstellar and Dune


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I go by myself all the time! It’s not a bad experience, but I think it’s soooo much more enjoyable when you can whisper something to your friend next to you during the movie and discuss it immediately afterwards. That said, no one will judge you for going alone. People do it all the time!