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My US city does this. Says it's federally funded.

It's been going on for a long time, too. I took my kids to a rec center playground in the early 2000s, and someone came out of the building and announced lunch. We didn't go in with the others, but then she came over to us and said all kids get to eat, doesn't matter who, as long as they're children.


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I don't really think that's a substitute for an in-person visit, though. He needs the whole picture. I mean, sure, I could call him and give him a list, but I'd prefer to have someone to see once a year or so who can keep track.

I know someone who had a nearly fatal heart attack at 35. He didn't know he had heart disease at all, and he wasn't overweight or anything. That's the kind of shit you need a checkup for. The stuff you don't know about.

What I'd really like is a general orthopedist. I tried to get a referral from the guy who did my shoulder surgery last winter, but his tip didn't pan out. All my body parts have different doctors. The orthopedic institute doesn't have generalists, so I'll probably try my luck at the local hospital. I've had a lot of wear and tear in things are always breaking, so it would be best to have a home base, I think.


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I'm not young, though, and I would hope my doctor knows that. I could really use a doctor to help me figure out which issues to take care of first, instead of randomly running from specialist to specialist. I generally wait until the pain is keeping me awake or making it impossible to function, because of the cost, but there are things like cancer that can get to a deadly stage before you even know they're there. I don't see why I'm supposed to be the one to figure this all out. Not sure why I have a GP in the first place if I never see him.


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Our insurer sent us testing kits, but instead of saying "This is your insurance company, we're sending you free testing kits," they pretended to be our doctor. Called several times purporting to be such-and-such medical group, which I've never heard of. I'm fine with non-invasive cancer screening, but I'm not fine with being lied to.