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The fact that your asking makes you much better than most so I commend you. I live in Windsor locks and it’s a free for all in terms of people taking initiative and responsibility for their dogs. We just got a new loser neighbor about six months ago who lives in the duplex next door, and every night he lets his dog poop all over the neighborhood and run and fetch in all of our yards. (Neighbors and I have come to the conclusion that he only walks at night so he isn’t seen and held accountable), While shoveling snow a couple weeks back and stepping in his dog poop I confronted him and said “could you stop walking your dog in my yard in general, nevermind letting him poop here? Have a little respect for peoples property”. His response, (I’m not even kidding), “but you’ve got that big yard and room for him and I don’t”. And then he stood and stared at me blankly like I was the a$$hole. I was dumbfounded. A couple days later I actually decided to be the bigger person and offer help when he had a flat tire right in front of my house, and he decided to Jack the car up without putting it in park. One attempt at breaking wheel bolts and car rocked backwards and jammed the Jack up into the underbody. Surmise to say we’re not dealing with the top brass here.