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Falling out of the raft during whitewater rafting is actually pretty normal; it's far from risk free, but as long as you curl up you're probably safe. The rapids come in waves, so in between sections of rapids there's plenty of calm water to get back in the raft.

A few of my friends in middle school actually had their raft guide fall out of the raft mid-rapid. He shouted "get down," but they thought he said "get out," so they all jumped out too. Imagining that poor raft guide's face as six 13 year-olds abandon ship for no reason never fails to crack me up. Everyone was fine haha.


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I see what you mean; the oldest humans alive today were born in a time where the vast majority of people in the vast majority of places did not keep strict birth records.

The concept wasn't invented in 1910 (to pick a random date), you're right, but the ubiquity is the important part. Maybe there's a random tortoise or two out there who luckily happen to have good birth records.


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It's worth pointing out that Jonathan is still the oldest verified living tortoise disregarding the estimated birth date, because there are solid records of him being transferred in 1882. So he's verified over 161 years old, just not verified for his full estimated 191.

Finding a tortoise with a verified birth date is going to severely limit your options for how old they might be; even the oldest humans alive today are "unverified" because they predate birth certificates. The oldest tortoise with a verified birth date is likely less than 90, and thus very difficult to find on "oldest" lists, just because we didn't start verifying births long enough ago.


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What counts as ethically raised for you?

I used to think vegetarians were illogical cowards, because as you point out dairy causes at least as much harm as meat does. These days, though, I've realized that they're being completely logical: they're causing less harm than they would if they still ate meat, even though their harm isn't zero. A vegan's harm isn't zero either, it's just comparatively negligible. It doesn't have to be black and white.


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This has happened, too

I remember reading about a man who was wrongfully convicted of a crime because the actual perpetrator was identical and had the same name. He was exonerated by DNA evidence years later.

I can't find that now though, so take it with a grain of salt; here's a similar fluff piece about baseball players instead:


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How can you even tell it's conservative? None of that is a recognizable talking point unless I've gotten way behind.

According to their comment history, the only two political comments I saw were anti-Proud Boys and anti-Austerity. "Minoroty religion in Nigeria" could maaaaaybe be a reference to Christianity? I'm not sure whether I hope they respond with a clarification or with more nonsense lol.