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I remember where I was the day this happened. I was saying for the rest of the day that I couldn't wait for tonight's Daily Show/Colbert. Can't recall if it was that night or another where they discussed the details of the staged hunt. "Yes, Jon but traveling with all the security, doctors, cardiologist, that black ball Darth Vader sleeps in..."


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True homies will remember that second season with South of the equator Mayan stuff going on with that one legged lady.

I remember with the shipwreck in season 1 our 4th grade teacher told us there was a demonstration of a serious life saving technique that involved people getting naked. Hypothermia/sharing body heat etc. He told the class anyone laughing or making jokes would be kicked out and sent to the office. I think one or two did and he was true to his word. One of my favorite teachers. He was retired US Coast Guard.

Bonus fun memory: Dude had so many live animals in his class. Including a Boa Constrictor. One day he was cleaning its pen and it had coiled around his full skeleton and he couldn't free it so he threw the whole thing back in as he was running out of time for the day to start. Us kids walk in and find the boa slithering through a human skeleton in its enclosure. WHAT HAPPENED?!


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Well, the broad strokes will be "spoiled" for you reading the book. But there are plenty of events left to the show to do whatever they want. The book is not "written" but GRRM per se. It's transcribed from a text by Archmaester Gyldayn a generation or two after the Dance.

He himself is working off of conflicting sources. So there are plenty of moments where something happens, say that Criston Cole plainly hates Rhaenyra. As to why there are three conflicting stories. What's an adaptation going to do...? So even though one has read the book, there are plenty of surprises to be had.