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I walk, run, bike and scoot around the city. And there seems to be nothing you can do against cars. Every time I’m out I almost get hit. Even if it’s crossing on the crosswalk with the cross symbol. Cars are crazy, and they don’t seem to pay attention to anyone else. It’s scary.


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I have one here. Also female and do a lot of walking, or if we go out after dark and I bring it in my pocket. I bought it off Amazon and had it shipped to family on CT. You can probably drive over the boarder and buy one or deliver them elsewhere. I had to do that will pepper spray too, but I just bought more and it let me ship it to RI.

I doubt it’s enforced. I always assume that if I’m getting attacked and the street and use it, then I don’t think I’ll be the one getting charged with anything. I would get one, keep it hidden, don’t tell people. But if it comes to self defense and saving you’re life, I don’t think you’ll get in trouble.


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I just started at Miriam, so not RIH but still lifespan, and I didn’t have to do any sort of drug testing, and the employee handbook basically just said don’t come to work under the influence of anything, and illegal drug use is not allowed. Didn’t mention anything about cannabis


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I go to UG almost every day. It’s only a couple blocks away, so super convenient, but very limiting. I bought a can of mandarin oranges and my only option was $5. I was shocked, but also in a pinch. We don’t shop there for most groceries. It’s to expensive and the options can be limiting. Meat also seems to be more expensive and also limited on what available. For a while the only ground beef was frozen, which I thought was odd.

Produce and vegetables are nice though, along with milk and eggs and other staples. I do really appreciate them for that.

I think they should focus more on trying to be peoples small neighborhood, quick stop grocery store instead of wanting to be peoples go to.

I’ll be sad if it leaves, but I feel like asking for 50k and not saying what improvements you’ll make is sketchy. At least tell us what it’ll be used for. Definitely worried about another Bucktown situation.


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I like the West End, specifically W Fountain street. On that street alone you have The Avery (bar), Moniker and Beer on Earth (breweries), The Slow Rhode (small bar), and Bayberry Beer Garden. Like .2 miles farther is Ogie’s Trailer Park and Kimi’s (bars). This strip is usually quieter than Atwells Ave or Downtown, most places have food, Pizza J is right nearby and they have GF and vegan cheese pizzas. It’s all super walkable, normally Eady parking around there, they’re all so different from each other too.


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I lived in CT but worked in westerly for 5 years! It’s definitely more connected to CT then the rest of RI. I live in Providence now and it’s sooo different than the SECT/Westerly culture.

It’s going to be hard to get around without a car. There are some grocery stores, and tons of big box stores, but they aren’t super close to downtown, and it would be hard to carry like supplies from HD back. They do have the Amtrak station which is nice, so if you got a job even in mystic or NL, you have the train you can take.

Mystic and Westerly were my going out places with friends. It does get crowded with beach traffic in the summer, but if you’re not driving you’ll be fine!

It’s a cute town, with tons of shops, restaurants and fun, and if you go a couple miles out it’ll be quiet and rural, and then a couple mile bike ride to the beach also.

I’m not sure what field you work in, but that corner of RI and CT doesn’t have quite the industries and business as more populated areas. Certain fields it might be hard to find work in, and I’m not sure how much apartments cost there.


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I’ve heard good thing about Trader Jans in Fall River. I’m from CT and used to go to Hall’s Arrow in Manchester! We love it there, and even bought a bow from them. It’s pretty cheap with bring you’re own gear too. Now we live in Providence and haven’t shot our bows in like 2 years. We preferred shooting outside, but kinda hard to do in the city


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Good luck. We’ve had problems with the city before, they so hard to get a hold of. Keep making claims through the 311 they tend to respond to that. Insurance is a nightmare, we had a ceiling collapse, and they refused to pay. And so did our landlord. We called about 10 lawyers, no responses.

The system is sooo broken. The center for justice stopped returning our calls, we’re out $7k that no one wants to Pay for, and we can’t even find a lawyer to help us.

Don’t give up and keep trying! I wish I had better answers for you, but I don’t :/ I understand your frustration though


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Literally could not recommend them enough. Their website is soooo helpful, had what fish they have available that day, which ones are sushi grade, and what sushi grade even means. Staff is unbelievably knowledgeable and helpful. Only place we buy fish at. Sushi night at home we spend $20-25 on fish, and we eat till we’re stuffed.

They have 2 locations in Providence, West end and Hope Street. I find the West End location is easier to get too


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Reply to comment by brogaant in coffee shop recs? by Therese250

All good recommendations for coffee! I find that bolt and new harvest don’t really have the “sit and do work at a coffee shop vibe” they’re kind of small, with only a few tables. I did a lot of work at seven stars on point street! Lots of seating, and plenty of snacks, didn’t feel like I was taking up one of the few tables to be able to sit for a couple hours.