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Well for me I can afford an actually expensive rifle and glass, and doing all the shit with calls and salt licks and the smells, but I see no point because I can still hit a silver dollar for 100y and that is all you need in the woods and I kind of like chilling in the woods freezing my nuts off for a week as vacation and if I get something that's a bonus. The other is just paying way more than you have actually need to fill a freezer. I just don't see the point in having a probably 1500$+ gun to shoot 25y from a tree to get meat on the first day.


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A friend of a friend thinks I'm weird for trying to find a high traffic area on game lands and just sitting there from sunrise to dusk with my 200$ 308 and 200$ glass. Personally I think he's weird for using tree stands with his tikka 7mm08 on private farm land where the deer totally aren't fed and baited. Jokes on me for wasting a shitload of tags I guess.


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I don't fucking care what your West Wing watching ass has to say. You repeatedly don't care what anyone has to say and repeatedly punch left, and take the position of actual MAGA chud fascist. You are doing their actual work for them and they are laughing at you because of it.

You don't care what I have to say as a marginalized person or my experiences. The only reason you pretend to care is because I will vote for your shitlib candidate because the alternative is a literal fascist who want to murder people like me. Please and I can't understate this enough, fuck off.


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> What is your actionable plan if ol Dougie starts rounding people up? What is it that you have planned out to do in resistance? Besides crying on the internet to people who agree that he's a disgusting racist fucking turd. Please share the plan so that everyone else can be prepared to take action.

This is exactly the same rhetoric that a literal white nationalist from stromfront would use minus the 14 words. I'm sorry that I don't have your perfect roadmap to a utopia, which you arbitrarily decide to be legitimate or not. That doesn't give you an excuse to continue down the path of fascism. Your rhetoric makes it extremely clear that you don't give a flying shit about marginalized people. You are more mad at me criticizing a billionaire who was more critical of someone that write a work of fiction than they were of a transphobic, homophobic, xenophobic, piece of shit scammer that they created and platformed for 5 years then waited until the very last second to say they were bad. You are at best a useful idiot and at worst an enabler.

And honestly, if the platitudes you are saying are actually true, maybe you should look into your rhetoric, because it clearly is shit. But again, continue to punch left, I'm sure it will eventually work out for you. I'm a Jewish atheist, anarcho syndicalist, and just queer enough that the I'll be the first to go, and here you are a supposed supporter of my cause fucking arguing with me, constantly punching left, and taking the same stance as them. Seriously go fuck yourself, you really don't give a shit and it is extremely clear. Say whatever you want, I don't care, I'm not going to platform your dogshit takes.


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You actually think that Oprah took this long to decide that Oz racist, homophobic, and transphobic politics were bad? Anyone with half a brain could tell right away. I'm sure that waiting this long has nothing to do with them being business friends that printed money because of each other. Damn dems really are as fucking stupid as chuds. I hope you at least feel a little joy over your smugness when we both get lined up against a wall in the future. Just another spineless, dickless coward defending their capitalist class oppressor, nothing new here.


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You can't tell if I actually believe that a known grifter who got famous for grifting on another grifters show is actually a grifter or not? So why did a billionaire that made her money in the media wait 4 days until the election to denounce someone that was on her show for 5 years? Billionaire defenders are so fucking weird.


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Yeah I'm a non practicing Jewish atheist. And the really funny part is my BiL's wife was raise reformed, practices reformed, but for whatever reason pretends to be orthadox. I call her out on that shit all the time plus her support of Israeli war crimes in the gaza strip and west banks, also the fact that she wants to do a settler colonialism, and everyone including her husband tells her to fuck off with that shit.

Also none of that changes the fact that fascist literally want me dead. So there is that too.