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It’s a unique idea so I’m not trying to tear u down. But unfortunately making it regional (like Hatfield McCoy trails in WV) will make it too expensive for most of the riders in our city even Philly ny nj crews

Owning a dirtbike and trailer and truck and riding legally is a lot of money and work. When I had a boat I had to tow it down to slip and launch no way I was paying slip fees. If I had the option to jump in boat from house and cruise where ever no rules that make it lot cheaper all u need to buy is a boat


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How about, hear me out, LEAVING IT AS IS?! Dirtbikes already all over the road now.

It’s a crucial route back to west side from downtown. I commute from Wes side to work without that road me and lot of others would be screwed and add 20 min to our commute and we already live in city.

The people proposing solutions don’t even live in the area. r/BmoreDOT said they don’t write thinkpieces on the highway to nowhere and two weeks later promote a thinkpiece on the highway! Leave shit alone sometimes and get back to the basics

The people displaced aren’t magically going to be made whole. This whole highway to nowhere thing reeks of white guilt not gonna lie.


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This happens everywhere in md police departments. Just not always with a benchmark metric, but best believe they report and compare numbers on everything from arrears to traffic stops and the trends month to month. If your trends are down and you’re getting money for highway safety or crime enforcement you better hope the trend in whatever bad outcome (violence, crashes etc) is not up or they’ll point at your numbers and say you’re doing a bad job

A lot of this by the way is result of people saying the police aren’t doing shit about stuff, they use these numbers to say they are doing something. It’s the only way they know how